About Caffeine and its role in exercise performance-


Caffeine is a naturally occurring, CNS stimulant. It is sourced from coffee beans and certain types of tea, also being used as an additive in sodas and energy drinks. It is most commonly used to overcome drowsiness and fatigue, thus being used by a majority of people. 90 percent people consume atleast two cups of coffee on a daily basis.  Evidences do suggest that cafeine enhances performance, both physical and cognitive.

 Effects of caffeine-

  • Ryanodine receptors (RyR)- RyR functions as a calcium release channel. Caffeine makes the RyR more sensitive, thereby producing calcium. This thus allows for stronger contractions of muscles.
  • Adenosine receptors- the neural activity slows down when adenosine binds to receptors. Adenosine thus facilitates sleep and ensures good oxygenation during sleep.  Cafeine is an adenosine-receptor antagonist. Therefore it binds to these same receptors, but without reducing neural activity, and neural activity therefore speeds up. 
  •  it increases both the amount of noradrenaline (NA) and dopamine (DA) released while exercising in brain.
  • muscle pain perception and perceived exertion is much lower post resistance training.
  • It is observed that caffeinated products can lead the person to an altered heartbeat and it also increases heart rate.
  • Caffeine causes bronchodilation, an individual’s respiration during exercise becomes more efficient; therefore, it produces less exertion.

Caffeine and Exercise

  • increases endurance performance
  • side effects – gastrointestinal upset, nervousness, mental confusion, disturbed sleep , difficulty to focus. (moderate to high doses)

The bottom line-

Apart from effects on physical performance tasks, it also shows cognitive benefits. It is known to improve cognitive aspects such as vigilance, memory, and mood both during overnight operations and following sleep restriction. It may also enhance sports-specific skill performance moreover, as athletes are prone to mental fatigue, which may impair physical, skill based performance and cognitive ability. Caffeine has been shown to enhance endurance based performance.

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