class 12 student invents mask that kills corona virus

Class 12 student of Bengal invents a unique mask- says ‘My mask will eradicate corona virus’

Kolkata, May 11:

In the second wave of Corona epidemic, the number of solstices is increasing every day. Despite all efforts by the central and state governments, this corona is becoming uncontrollable. At the same time, several measures have been found to prevent corona, but Digantika Bose, a Class 12 student of Purba Bardhaman district of Bengal, has claimed that she has invented a mask that can kill corona virus. Her mask will be displayed at Google’s Museum of Design Excellence in Mumbai.

class 12 student invents mask that kill corona virus

What is special about this mask?

Talking to the media, Digantika said that there are three Chambers in her mask. First chamber is a negative ion generator that filters dust particles in the air. When the filtered air enters the second chamber, it reaches the third which is a chemical chamber containing a mixture of soap and water – which can kill the corona virus. We know that soapy water kills the virus. So when the air reaches the third chamber, the chemical solution has the ability to kill the virus. Says class 12th student. Similarly, if a covid-19 infected person uses a mask, the air they expel will undergo a similar process and the spread of the virus can be prevented.

Testing of the mask :

Digantika stated that she has approached the state health department for testing on the mask and this could be an effective effort against the spread of covid-19. The Class 12 student stated that she made the mask during the first wave of the covid-19 epidemic. She said, “I made whatever resources I had during the lockdown last year. I have always been interested in such things.”

Digantika’s achievements :

Digantika had always interested in such kind of innovations. Before she had also made a pair of glasses for locals in the Sunderbans which allowed people to look behind without turning their heads. This innovation her had helped locals from wild animals in the forest that could prey on them from behind.. Digantika was thrice being awarded by APJ Abdul Kalam Ignite.

She has been awarded three times. For the third time she was awarded for making a comfortable mask that does not strain the ears.

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