Obesity and Lung Health : Know how obesity affect your lungs.

Obesity is a chronic medical disease, which has been becoming a very common problem for some time. Today, not only adults but a large number of children are also victims of this. The main reason for this is attributed to poor lifestyle. But sadly, it can also cause serious diseases like Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, Heart Disease, Gallstone. Now it has also been proved that obesity can also have a bad effect on the health of lungs. If you are also obese, then be careful now, because this problem can also damage your lungs. So let’s know what is the link between Obesity and Lungs Health. Know which lung problems can be caused by this.

What is Obesity?


Before knowing about Obesity and Lungs Health, let us get to know a little about obesity. Obesity is a complex disease. A person is considered a victim when his weight or body fat increases so much that he starts to affect his health. Its symptoms can be as follows –

Excess Body Fat
Shortness of Breath
Trouble in Sleeping
Skin Problems
Inability to Perform Simple Physical Activity
Pain Commonly in the Back and Joints
Psychological effects like loss of confidence, depression, feeling of shame etc. (Psychological effects like Loss of Confidence, Depression, Feeling Shy etc.)
Obesity and Lungs Health

Causes of Obesity

However, there are genetic, behavioral, metabolic and hormonal effects on body weight. Obesity occurs when we consume more calories, but burn fewer calories through exercise and normal daily activities. Body stores this extra calories in the form of fat. Reasons for this could be :

Unhealthy Diet
Liquid Calories
Some Diseases and Medications
Social and Economic Issues

junk food

What is the link between Obesity and Lungs Health?

According to a research, people who are suffering from obesity or who are overweight, have more problems of asthma or wheezing. According to another study, frozen body fat can also be seen on the airway wall of the lungs. Not only this, it can also change the structure of Fat Airways. This is why a person suffering from it may have asthma, wheezing, or both. People who are overweight or suffering from obesity may experience both asthma or wheezing. However, scientists are yet to find out why this happens. This accumulation of fat may have the same effect as an artery plaque

Which can pollute blood vessels and cause cardiac events. That is, fat accumulation can cause damage to the airway wall, especially to the overweight or obese person. Therefore, a person with obesity has a higher risk of asthma. Know more about this:

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Can obesity be the cause of asthma?

You must have known that there is a deep connection between Obesity and Lungs Health. However, research has also proved that there is a connection between overweight and asthma. Lungs may be under pressure due to excess weight, which may cause asthma or may also be due to increased inflammation. As already stated, excess fat gets stored in the airways walls due to increased fat. Which can increase inflammation within the lungs. In addition, air flow in and out of the lungs is limited due to thickening due to inflammation of the airways.

In people who have asthma or who are overweight, the fat associated with airways can increase the severity of the disease. However, there has not been enough study to know how fat goes into the lungs. Because, it is not so simple, in fact people who are not overweight or who are not obese, can also have fat around their limbs. Now let us know about the main part of Obesity and Lungs Health, that how Obesity causes problems in Obesity and Lungs Health.

Prevention from Obesity

prevention of obesity

Obesity and Lungs Health are related to each other. If you are at risk of obesity or you are overweight or your weight is normal now, but you do not want to be a victim of obesity in the future, then it is most important to avoid it. To avoid unhealthy weight gain and the health problems associated with it, you have to follow some easy things. The ways to avoid this are as follows:

prevention of obesity
Exercise Regularly

If you want your weight not to increase, then you need to take some time out for exercise every day. This physical activity also includes walks or swimming.

prevention of obesity
Eat right and balanced

Nowadays people like to eat fast food more. This is the main reason for their increased weight. So take special care of your diet. Eat a diet containing flame calories, nutrients such as fruits, vegetables, whole grains, etc. Stop eating saturated fat and sweet things or alcohol etc. Eat three times daily. Choose foods that keep your weight balanced and health right.

prevention of obesity
healthy diet
Keep record
prevention of obesity

Learn about the things that can cause fat in your body. Also notice situations in which you eat more. Note down your eating habits. See how many calories you are consuming. After that reduce the amount of calories from your diet and also avoid situations in which you eat more.

Monitor your weight
weight loss

Always check your weight. By this you will know about the weight as well as if your weight is increasing. You will also be able to know where you are going wrong so that you can work hard and lose weight.

Be Consistent

If you follow your healthy weight plan at all times, then it will be stable, whatever the situation, such as a holiday, a weekend or anything else. This will never increase your weight and will also help you stay away from many health problems.

You must have known what is the connection between Obesity and Lungs Health. Along with this, you must have also come to know how important it is to avoid obedience. So never ignore this problem. Rather, even if you are suffering from this problem, its treatment is possible. Ask your doctor for this. Not only Obesity, but adopting a healthy lifestyle can prevent any health condition.

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