All you need to know about breastfeeding- Part 2

Attachment during breastfeeding-

A baby needs to be well attached, to the womans body to stimulate and also to remove milk from the breast. A good attachment is also essential to ensure an adequate supply and a good flow of milk.

Important points to note-

  1. Hold your baby close.
  2. Let your baby’s head tip back.
  3. When your baby is attached properly, their chin will be pressed onto your breast.
  4. Your baby’s nose should be clear for easy breathing.
  5. In the correct position, your baby will be able swallow and also breathe comfortably.
  6. If your baby’s nose appears to be blocked, move their bottom closer to you. This will thus create a head tilt.
  7. Their cheeks will appear fuller.


Position of the mother

The mother can sit or be lying down, or standing. She needs to be relaxed and also comfortable. It is essential that the back Is not strained. If sitting use a pillow for support, and she should not be leaning forward while holding the baby.

Position of the baby

  • The baby’s body should be straight. Also the baby’s head can be slightly extended at the neck.
  • The baby’s body should be close to the mother.
  • His or her whole body should be supported by pillows or also on mothers lap.

Some of the positions that can be used for breastfeeding:

  1. Laid back position: Shift your hips forward to create a semi-reclined position.You can also use pillows and cushions to provide support wherever you need it.

2. Cradle: Mother hold the head of the baby on the elbow of the same upper extremity from the breast in which she is feeding, while the buttock of the baby supported on the hand of the mother. It is recommended that the mother puts pillows behind her back and also under the elbow

3. Cross- cradle: The mother should sit upright and put pillows behind her back. If the infant is feeding at the left breast, the mother holds the infant with the right hand and vice versa.

4. Side-lying:

Mother and the baby lie down facing each other.(your neck and back should be supported.) Take the arm that you’re lying on to support your baby. You can use a pillow behind your baby’s back for support.

This position is usually not advisable as milk can enter into the ear.

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