Exercise and its impact on sleep-


In a state of sleep, our responsiveness to external environmental stimulus is actually reduced. .We  have two sleep states, namely rapid eye movement (REM) sleep, non-rapid eye movement (NREM) sleep and a sequential rotation occurs about 5-6 times while we are sleeping at night among these two sleep states.

A lot of sleep disorders are becoming so common among individuals and it could lead to chronic sleep deprivation. One intervention considered helpful in improving your sleep is Exercise.

Exercise and sleep-

Maintaining a sleep hygiene, focusing on sleep-wake timetable, avoiding diurnal naps, going for evening fast walk in the early hours proves that exercise is extremely helpful for people suffering from sleeplessness.

Exercise performed 30-40 minutes of moderate intensity during daytime or in the early evening hours for 4 times/week has shown to improve sleep. Thus exercise can be helpful in improving the sleep quality of people suffering from sleeplessness. Therefore exercise should be a part of daily routine for every individual for healthy benefits.

Exercise leads to moderate to large decrease in anxiety level and fatigue, along with improvements in feelings of energy. It is also helpful in cases of generalised anxiety disorder.

Chronic exercise is beneficial to older people suffering from sleep disorders.

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How does exercise help with sleep?


During exercise there occurs vasodilatation leading to increase in blood flow to the skin and rise in body temperature. Thus there will be an increase in sweating along with decrease in metabolic rate thus promoting sleep.

Exercise before bedtime

Time of exercise is the most important parameter. Exercises performed 2 hours before going to sleep can actually improve the quality of sleep among people.

Exercise Duration

Exercise duration should be atleast of 1 hour per day to achieve benefits.

Exposure to Outdoor light

Appropriately, exposure to outdoor light can enhance the sleep quality among population. Individuals getting outdoor light for almost 20 minutes, thrice a day could help in increasing the sleep as much as possible more than exercise.

Anti-Depressant effects

Sleep disturbance is a characteristic feature in individuals suffering from anxiety. According to evidences, exercises are effective in reducing anxiety by promoting better control between the mind and body. Also, exercise could promote better sleep by reducing the anxiety symptoms. It also helps fighting depressive symptoms.


Exercises have a beneficial effect in promoting sleep. It reduces worry, anxiety and depressive symptoms and reduced disease rate, and it should be a part of daily regimen. It is essential to have exercise as a part of daily routine in order to boost health and maintain physical well-being of a person.

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