How to perform the correct curl up exercise?

What is a curl-up ?

The curl-up exercise targets abdominal muscles. It increases its strength, improves endurance, enhances core stability, and provides back support.

Technique of curl up-

  1. Start in supine position
  2. Place your feet comfortably flat on the floor with knees bent
  3. Spine should be maintained in neutral position
  4. curl the upper body off the floor.
  5. Similar to performing a partial sit up , keep other body parts relaxed
  6. Do not hold your breathing
  7. Slowly return to starting position

Muscles activated-

The following muscles are targeted with this exercise-

  • Rectus abdominis
  • Obliques- external and internal
  • Transversus abdominis

Maximum activity- 30 degrees angle (lift only shoulders off the floor). As angle increases activity decreases

How much to perform?

  • Do not exceed 60 repetitions
  • For untrained individuals -2 sets of 15 repetition, progressively increase.
  • 48 hour to 72 hour rest period
  • Avoid Spinal flexion exercise until 1 hour of waking up,  (decreases the risk of injury)
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Curl Up fitness Test

To record the maximum number of sit ups in a certain time period, is a common method of fitness test.

One count refers to The completion of one complete curl-up performed in the correct technique.



>32 = excellent

25-32= average

<25= needs improvement


>25 = excellent

15-25= average

<15= needs improvement

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