How To Heal and Cure Thyroid Problems Naturally? Part I

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Does your weight keep increasing because of your thyroid? Is there no end to your hairfall? Do you feel tired and lethargic throughout the day? Is your skin getting damaged too?

If you’re tired of struggling with your thyroid, then you’ve come to the right place.

In the beginning, most people think that the thyroid is just an ordinary disease. Pop a pill and go on working.

But as time passes on, the thyroid takes away half the hair on their head, making them gain extra 15-20 kgs of weight, and more marks than skin visible on their face.
It’s the right time to understand how much suffering this disease can cause even though it looks ordinary in the beginning.

What if I say that there is something that can help lower your thyroid levels in just 3 months, disease eliminate forever, stop the uncontrolled hair fall, normalize the increasing weight, clear up the skin completely, and that too, without any medication?

So guys let’s eliminate the root of your thyroid problem forever.

For the reader’s convenience, we have divided the article into 2 parts – in the 1st part, we’ll reveal the 3 biggest enemies of your thyroid which are making your thyroid problem worse day by day.
And in the second part of this article, we’ll be sharing a 5-step thyroid reversal plan which helped lakhs of people say goodbye to their thyroid problem forever.

Sitting at home and reversing thyroid within 3 months?

Sounds hard to believe right? You can test it for yourself – get a blood test done now and after religiously following the 5-step plan that we’ll be sharing later in the next article, get another blood test. The results will be clear in your report.

Here are your enemies:

The 1st biggest enemy – home-made food

“Home-made food! But we make it with so much love? How can it be our enemy?” In the name of homemade food, many people start their day with 4 pieces of bread and ketchup. Along with it, a big glass of milk. A big plate of dal-rice for lunch, and then a spicy sabzi with roti for dinner

You must be thinking – “I’m eating such healthy food”

The homemade food we consider healthy has actually become the cause of our thyroid. Most of us live a sedentary life today – a sitting lifestyle. But if you look at our plates, it looks like we’re well-built wrestlers. We eat plates stacked with grains. Even our sabzis are filled with spices and masalas. Even at home, we consume a lot of packaged food, Ketchup, namkeen, biscuits, snacks, noodles – all that we don’t get directly from Mother Nature. From morning to evening, we’re always eating. Before we’ve even digested our dal-rice lunch, we’re already dumping 3 rotis on top of it in the evening

So are you saying that the wrong food is the cause of my thyroid?

Yes! This is exactly what we’re saying

Because when all these things travel from our stomach to our intestines, they get stuck as waste to the walls of our intestines. Our intestines have thousands of little finger-like projections called villi. Whatever is stuck on your intestines get absorbed by these villi and send to your bloodstream. If there’s waste stuck on the walls of your intestines, then obviously they will absorb this waste. Then this waste goes to the rest of your organs through your blood. When it reaches your thyroid gland, which is a very important gland located near our throat. It starts accumulating and stops the thyroid gland from functioning properly. So the thyroid gland is not able to generate the necessary levels of hormones properly.

And this is what we start identifying as hyperthyroidism or hypothyroidism

If you want to get rid of this problem, then you have to clean the body from the inside. How should you clean your body from inside? We’ll tell you about it in detail further ahead in the next article.

But what do we eat if not homemade food?

We will eat at home, but only that which comes directly from Mother Nature. Don’t worry! It’s going to be extremely delicious. The only difference is that it will heal your thyroid problem instead of aggravating it.

We’ll share the exact diet plan with you here.

The second enemy of your thyroid:

Think about it. This may surprise you at first. But our second biggest enemy is the negative people around us.

When we go to the doctor for the first time, he will hand you a packet of medicines within just 2 minutes of the meeting. When you ask him – “Doctor, how long should I take these medicines?” some of them will answer: “Just keep taking it for now. As long as you’re living, you’ll be needing these medicines”. The thyroid is a lifelong disease!

They never let us believe that our body has the power to eliminate this disease from within, that if we give our body the right food, follow the right lifestyle, forget about our thyroid, we have the power to reverse even the biggest diseases. Because we never develop this faith, we easily accept that medicines, excess weight, hair fall will always be a part of our life.

It’s not the doctor’s fault. We can’t blame them because they’re only educated about medicines just to manage the disease. And if you’re happy with this management, if you’re happy dealing with this disease for the rest of your life, then doctors are the best option for you.

Now you may not know anyone who has reversed their thyroid disease so far. Come, let’s introduce you to them :

My doctor said – “You have to take medicines for your entire life now” In October 2019, I started following the Satvic lifestyle. Now I don’t take any tablets.

Amrita, Mumbai. [10 YEARS OF THYROID] Source: Satvic Movement

My thyroid levels finally started reducing on its own, which has never happened before and it had gone down to 0.02. This shocked my doctors. They were like – “Wow! You have achieved something that we don’t usually see”.

Sakshi, Delhi [TSH Level dropped from 100mcg to 0mcg] Source: Satvic Movement

avinash, varanasi tsh dropped from 15 to 6.5mcg
My TSH was around 13-15. My weight was around 105 kg which is very abnormal. Once I got checked this January, my thyroid was 6.5. This had never dropped to this level. I was literally amazed to see that report. I’ve lost 18 kgs – no gym at all. It’s just a lifestyle change that I brought up. I followed the lifestyle and got a check-up done after 3 months, and the doctors were shocked about how it happened. There’s no thyroid problem anymore. My thyroid problem had fully reversed, weight had gone down tremendously

Avinash, Varanasi [TSH dropped from 15 to 6.5mcg] Source: Satvic Movement

I had thyroid. So the doctor told me that I would need to have the medicine for my entire life following this diet plan and this whole culture, I transformed my life. In 3 months, I saw that my thyroid is gone. For years, I kept on taking medicines. But when I started this Satvic lifestyle, so many of my problems, not just thyroid, problems I had no idea I was struggling with disappeared. I felt like I was getting a new life. My hair became so long, I lost so much weight in just 3 months. How did I do it? It was like magic the Satvic lifestyle. It’s just a lifestyle change that I’ve brought up and it’s working! It’s working and it’s magical for me. So after that, till date, I haven’t had any medication. Mother Nature actually cured me.

Divya Mumbai [8 years of thyroid problem] Source: Satvic Movement

This story can be your story too. And it’s not going to take a long time. It can happen to you very soon

The world’s best doctor for your thyroid isn’t sitting in a big hospital, or a clinic. He’s sitting inside your own body. This doctor is Mother Nature. And now that you have finished reading until here, you are ready to give her a chance.

But before that, let’s quickly find out who is the third biggest enemy for our thyroid.

And that is – medication – pills!

Most people are a puppet to these pills for half of their lives.

“Got thyroid? No problem. Just have these medicines. Get these 4 tests done.

Does got hair fall because of thyroid? No problem. Have some more pills.

Got pimples because of thyroid? No problem. Have some more medicine

Got irregular periods? So what? Take another medicine

Got PCOD? No problem. Just take another medicine

But the question is – shouldn’t medicines put a stop to our problems? Forget about stopping them, these medicines can’t even stop these problems from increasing. As we keep taking medicines, the problems keep multiplying.

We’re not saying you should quit your medicine. We’re telling you to turn your food and lifestyle into your medicine. Because only they have the ability to eliminate the root cause of your thyroid problem

So should we quit medicines at once? No! Please read our next article till the end to find out exactly what you need to do.

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