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How To Heal and Cure Thyroid Problems Naturally? Part- II

We’ll proceed to our thyroid reversal plan in this article. You have to follow 5 steps.

Whether you have hyperthyroidism or hypothyroidism, this plan is effective for treating both cases.

Before moving on to our diet plan, it’s very important to understand a few principles. Your food should have 4 essential qualities.


L means living food.

Eat food that has life in it, such as vegetables, fruits, sprouts, grains. Dead food that is packaged, bottled, and boxed pollute our body and increases our thyroid problem

W means wholesome.

Eat food in the form Mother Nature gives it to us. White rice, wheat without the bran, white sugar, refined flour, sooji, these are all refined foods. Instead of this, eat wholesome food like brown rice and wheat with the bran.

P means plant-based.

We should avoid all food that comes from animals – meat, fish, eggs, milk, or any milk products. Eat that which comes directly from plants. Digesting milk and milk products is very difficult and becomes a problem for reversing your thyroid.

W means water-rich.

That means we should eat food that is juicy as much as possible, food that is water-rich. Try juicing a cucumber and see how much juice you can get from it. Do you think you can ever get any juice by juicing bread? No! Because it has no juice at all. Water-rich food cleans your body from the inside, eliminates toxins, and fixes your thyroid.

So these are our 4 food principles.


diet plan for thyroid

Now let’s move on to our thyroid reversal diet plan.

We suggest 4 main meals in a day – morning detox juice, breakfast, lunch, and dinner.


Let’s start with our morning detox juice, which you can have sometime after waking up in the morning. Can you guess which juice is this? It’s a juice that is extremely detoxifying. As soon as it enters our body, it acts like a magnet and soaks up all the waste inside our body. And when it is removed, it takes away all the waste with it.

It fixes our thyroid, reduces excess weight, clears up our skin, gets rid of constipation.

It is ash gourd juice.

Ash gourd looks something like this- It is green from the inside and white inside.

It’s very important to take out the peel and remove the seeds. Otherwise, the juice will taste bitter. After removing them, cut the ash gourd into pieces and juice them. While juicing them, you can also add some coriander leaves. Coriander is highly beneficial for your thyroid. If you don’t have a juicer, you can even blend it in a mixer to make it.


Simply, add some ash gourd pieces and coriander leaves. Mix it and sieve the mixture.

You can find ash gourd at any of your local vegetable vendors. If you can’t find it, then don’t worry. You can have any fresh vegetable juice instead. Bottle gourd juice, cucumber juice, and add some coriander to it.

Or you can have some coconut water.

NOTEyou should not eat anything for at least 1.5-2 hours after having your morning juice, as this juice is doing its cleansing work inside your body. If you eat something, then the cleaning will stop.


Around 10 am, for breakfast, you can eat a plate full of seasonal fruits. You can eat any fruit that you like such as Watermelon, muskmelon, papaya, mango, apple, pomegranate, whatever you can find easily. You might be wondering – “Can we mix these fruits and have them?”

Look, the best practice is to eat one fruit at a time. Still, if you eagerly want to have multiple fruits at a time It’s better to mix and have them instead of not having any.

But when you’re mixing them, remember to eat the same types of fruits together. Don’t mix sweet and sour fruits together. Always eat fruits that grow in your country and are seasonal. Unseasonal fruits imported from countries far away are totally useless. Seasonal fruits are always cheaper too.


For lunch, you can have anyone grain – roti or rice and a lot of sabzis.

We suggest a special kind of chappati.

Instead of being made entirely with wheat, it consists of 50% wheat and 50% vegetables

You can make chappatis using any vegetables – cucumber chappati, beetroot chapati, spinach chappati, bottle gourd chappati, or carrot chappati. Chappatis are accompanied by sabzi. And the sabzi that we recommend is also one of a kind. Instead of using oil, we add grated coconut to it. And instead of spices, we add fresh herbs.

Another important thing – eat only one grain per meal. You shouldn’t mix 2-3 grains in one meal. Instead of eating dal-roti, eat sabzi-roti. Instead of eating dal-rice, eat sabzi-rice.

Multigrain atta is absolutely useless. It’s not something Mother Nature gave us.

Rajma, Chhola, Chanaa should definitely be avoided, at least until you have fully cured yourself, as it’s very difficult to digest them


For dinner, you can have salad or soup.

Now you may be thinking – this is so different from what I’ve been doing so far. Yes, of course, it’s different. If you keep doing the things you have always been doing, then how will you reverse your thyroid problems? But don’t worry. Very soon, you will start enjoying this routine

If you are eating a lot of packaged biscuits, switch these biscuits with fresh coconut kernels. Whenever you feel like munching, eat 4-5 pieces of coconut kernel. It’s a perfect snack. You can easily pack it in tiffin and take it to the office.

If you are eating toasts with ketchup and namkeen, which is the perfect recipe for disease; replace this with a plate full of fruit. Switch packaged juice with fresh juice, and instead of popping soda cans, pop coconut water. Switch white rice with brown rice.

White sugar is a slow poison. So rather have dates or jaggery.

Instead of oil, use fresh coconut kernel in your sabzi. It releases its own natural oil.

If you are a dairy products lover – and love having paneer, butter, ghee, and suddenly when you hear that you’ll have to quit them to cure your thyroid, initially you might think you will definitely not be able to do this.

But trust us once you get started using coconut milk, it will be very easy to quit dairy milk and coconut milk will soon become part of your daily routine. After all, it’s the healthiest milk in the world.


Do we need to avoid goitrogenic foods like broccoli and cauliflower?

If you follow the plan that we’ve shared properly, you can consume cauliflower and broccoli.

Do we need to consume iodized salt to reverse our thyroid?

We don’t recommend iodized salt because it is highly refined and processed. Rather, you can have rock salt. Any iodine deficiency that you may have will be resolved once you start following this plan.

So now we know exactly what to eat. But it is more important to know what NOT to eat, which we have explained thoroughly in this article.


16 hours fasting

Let’s move on to our next step, and that is 16-hour fasting. As we understood earlier, the world’s best doctor is sitting inside your body. But until we don’t start fasting, this doctor doesn’t get a chance to do his work.

Fasting? How can I fast? I get scared just thinking about fasting.

Don’t worry! Even we used to think exactly like this. But we are going to show you the easiest way to implement fasting. It’ll become a part of your daily routine within just 3 days. And that is 16-hours of fasting.

How should we do it?

Every day, you must give your digestive system a break for at least 16 hours. If you have dinner at 7 pm, then have your next solid meal only at 11 am the next day. If you have dinner at 6 pm, then have it at 10 am the next day. Basically, you must give a 16-hour break to your body every day.

Why? Because your body can only do one thing properly at a time- digestion or healing.

When we keep eating the whole day, our body gets busy with digestion 24 hours a day. It doesn’t get any time to clean. When you give 16 hours of break to your body every day, then your body is able to stop digestion and start cleaning.

By fasting for 16 hours every day, the waste that has been stuck inside for years starts leaving its place automatically. Blood starts purifying, which promotes hair growth, reduces excess weight, increases energy levels, increases the efficiency of your thyroid gland.

Just try it once. You will see it yourself!

Fasting is more powerful than any medicine in the world. Maybe the concept of fasting sounds new to you. But the truth is its benefits have been shared in our Vedas for thousands of years. Every Shastra tells us this.



Come, let’s move on to our next step. And that is – enema

As we understood earlier, our thyroid problem is not born in our throat, but in our intestines, until we don’t clean our intestines, we can’t get rid of our thyroid problem.

Enema is a way to hold water in our intestines for 5-7 mins and slowly, this water starts pulling out all the old waste stuck inside. Then when you finally go to the bathroom to relieve yourself, you can see all this waste coming out of your body, which is very very important. If we don’t remove this waste, then this waste will keep on creating problems for our thyroid later.

How and When to do it?

Buy an enema pot from any drugstore or online website.

Wash your enema pot thoroughly 2-3 times. Add 300-500ml of water to it. Although the enema pot can hold water more water, do not add more than 500 ml of it, to avoid any unnecessary pressure on your body.

If you are taking it for the first time, start with 300 ml only.

NOTE- Water should be at room temperature., neither too hot nor too cold. You can use normal tap water. Even if you are not comfortable using tap water, you can definitely use drinking water without any worries.

First, apply some oil to the tip of the pot pipe. You can use any oil for lubrication, coconut oil is preferred. Do not use any chemical-containing creams to it.

Place your enema pot at an elevated level like a shelf, it should be above your waist level at least. The best place to take an enema is your bathroom. But if your bathroom is too small, you can take it in your bedroom too.

Place a mat or towel on the floor and lie down on it. Insert this pipe 2 inches inside your rectum. Don’t worry! It’s not painful at all. Hold the pipe with one hand so it doesn’t fall out.

Your pipe will have a switch. Switch it on. As soon as you switch it on, the water will start flowing. If the water is not going inside, you can quickly adjust the pipe a little bit. The water will transfer from the enema pot to your intestines. It will take a minute.

Once the pot has emptied, remove the pipe and hold the water inside for 5-7 mins. You can hold the water inside in this position for a few mins and then get up and walk around for a few mins.

While walking, soak your hands in cold water and massage your stomach. First in a clockwise direction, and then anti-clockwise. By massaging, the waste accumulated inside starts leaving its place.

It’s very important to hold the water inside for 5-7 mins. This is the time when the water is doing its cleansing work inside our bodies. It is removing the waste that has accumulated inside for a long time. if you can’t even hold it for 5 mins, start with 250 ml water. It’s not the quantity of water that provides benefits, it’s the holding capacity of your intestines.

When you feel like relieving yourself, go to the bathroom and you’ll be shocked to see just how much waste, how many toxins were inside.

If you take an enema after fasting for the whole day, you will get even more benefits.

You’ll see a lot of dark-colored waste leaving your body after an enema, which means it is waste that had accumulated for a long time inside.

The whole process of enema takes only 10 mins and it’s really easy to do it.

How long should you take it?

It depends on your health. If you’re trying to reverse any health problem or disease, like Diabetes, high BP, Thyroid, PCOD, constipation, migraine, or any other disease, then use it every day for 21 days. After 21 days, you can stop using it. You don’t have to make it a habit. After 21 days, use it only when you need it when you feel bloated, constipated, or gas or headache. Just remember that these 21 days is a time for deep cleansing for the body. So during this time, take great care of what you eat too as much as possible. Consume fruits, vegetables, and fresh juices and stop consuming all packaged, bottled, tinned, and non-veg food.

If you’re healthy and have no disease, an enema can still give you a lot of benefits. In this case, take it every day for 7 days, then take it on alternate days the next week and in the third week, take it only on 2 days. And after 3 weeks, use it only when you need it.

Never misuse enema. Don’t think – “Let me eat whatever I want. I’ll just use an enema to remove it later” No! Enema will only work when your food is good. when your food is Satvic. If you keep dumping waste inside your body every day, then there’s no benefit to taking an enema.


What is the right time to take an enema?

It is best to take it in the morning when your stomach is empty. In the morning, our body is in a cleansing mode. In the morning, if you have natural motion, your stomach clears by itself, then take an enema right after it. Or if your bowels are not clearing, you can still take an enema. If for any reason you can’t take it in the morning, then you can take it anytime in the afternoon but always keep a 2-hour gap between an enema and your meals.

Can we add something to the water?

Not at all! These days coffee enema is a famous trend. But we don’t recommend this. You don’t have to add anything to the water. No salt, no coffee, no soap These days many chemists sell glycerine and soap enemas. Don’t use them at all.

Will I become dependent on enemas?

No! If you follow the plan exactly as we discussed earlier, it won’t become a habit. At most, you only have to take it for 21 days. In 21 days, your intestines will become really clean. As we discussed earlier, stop using it and use it only when you need it. If you follow it this way, it won’t become a habit at all. You only become dependent on things you ingest from outside like laxatives, purgatives, and different digestive powders.

Will enema take away the good bacteria living in my intestines?

When we eat such food, our intestines become clogged with fat layers of waste. How can good bacteria exist in such dirty intestines? When you clean your intestines using an enema, only then will good bacteria be able to exist inside them.

Isn’t enema unnatural?

We admit that it’s not a natural process. But we want to ask you – what you eat, is that natural? When our food itself isn’t natural, why do we hesitate so much to take external help when it comes to cleaning it? And what are we even putting inside? Just water. Plain water

Can children take enema too?

Children above 10 years of age can easily take an enema. They can use a little less water, not more than 300 ml. Children, less than 10 years of age can take it too under adult supervision

Can you take it during pregnancy?

We don’t recommend using it during pregnancy

Can we take it during periods?

Yes absolutely! You can take it during periods. No problem at all!

Can we take it if we’re suffering from piles, hemorrhoids, fissures, or fistula?

In such situations, we don’t recommend enemas because the skin is very sensitive in such situations and a little interference can cause a lot of problems. So in this case, avoid enema and follow the rest of the Satvic lifestyle instead.

Don’t worry! Enema is completely safe and totally pain-free. You can do it in the comfort of your home in just 10 mins


Let’s move on to our 4th step, and that is a wet pack.

Basically, you need to take a cotton cloth, dip it in cold water and wrap it around your abdomen, neck, and forehead. You need to wear it for approximately 30 mins

What happens when you apply a wet pack?

By applying it, you are creating two different temperatures in your body. The parts on which you have applied the wet pack become cold, while the rest of the body is warm. When you maintain two temperatures at the same time, the blood circulation in your body increases. Along with our blood, your waste also starts circulating and gets ready to be eliminated from your body.

It also increases the efficiency of your thyroid gland. The hormones it couldn’t generate earlier will slowly start getting released.

How often should you apply it?

You should apply it every day for the first 3 months of starting this plan – once in the morning and once in the evening. After 3 months, you don’t need to apply it every day. You apply it only when you need it.

If it’s too cold outside, then you can skip this step and simply follow the other steps.


yoga and exercise for thyroid problems

There’s just one last and final step remaining. And that is an outdoor exercise

Exercise is essential for your thyroid. When we’re sitting in one place throughout the day without moving,
then the activity of our thyroid gland starts slowing down and the thyroid starts rotting. When you exercise, your thyroid gland gets movement and it gets squeezed, it gets its own exercise and slowly it starts generating hormones normally

You can do whatever you want – brisk walking, jogging, cycling, dancing.

Do it for at least an hour every day. And you should sweat after working out. It shouldn’t be like you’re taking a slow walk around the park 3 times and calling it to exercise. You should exercise outdoors in sunlight. While exercising, take deep breaths through your nose. By doing this, you will experience the benefits of sunbathing and pranayama automatically.

If you’re wearing thick polyester or nylon clothes while exercising, then you won’t get the benefits of sunbathing or the fresh air. So you should wear thin, cotton clothes when you exercise.

When you start following these 5 steps together, your thyroid reversal process will begin right away and the results will be evident in your own reports.

Now we know that you might have a lot of questions on your mind. Come, let’s answer all your questions

1st question – How long will it take to reverse my Thyroid?

Look, we’ll tell you from our own experience that it takes around 21 days for your readings to go down
But to fully reverse the problem, takes almost 3-4 months. It’s possible that some of you may take less time, and some of you may take more time. It depends on how long you have been suffering from the disease. Don’t worry about it.

2nd question – how do we quit medication?

Once you start following this lifestyle, the need for medicines will automatically go down, because what the medicines were doing artificially is now been done naturally by your food and lifestyle. As your TSH levels go back to normal, you can keep reducing your medicines. Don’t give it up all at once. We recommend that you always consult your doctor before adjusting your dosage.

We can say that if you follow this plan religiously, then you can definitely live a medicine-free and disease-free life.

Please share this article with all your friends and family who are suffering from Thyroid to help them reverse it.

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