Self care- The key to healthy well-being

What is self care?

The individual practice of ones own health management, ones overall well-being, without the aid of a medical professional, refers to as self care. It is done under individual control, is deliberate, and is essential for healthy living.

Areas –

  • Physical
  • Psychological
  • Emotional
  • Social
  • Professional
  • Spiritual

Reasons to engage in self care and its importance-

  1. Reduces anxiety
  2. Reduces depression
  3. Reduction of overall stress
  4. Minimises frustrations
  5. Helps in better anger management
  6. Improves concentration
  7. Increases energy
  8. Gives a positive bout of happiness and good vibes
  9. Helps maintain a healthy relationship with ones own self
  10. Helps bring out the best version of ones one self, thus promotes positive mental health.

Acts of self care

Physical self care-

Choose an activity that you love. Focus on it and start practicing it on a daily basis. This could be running, walking, going to the gym, dancing, swimming, active participation in outdoor sports, yoga, Zumba, hiking, and a lot more. Regular exercise increases serotonin and boosts a positive mood as it has shown to have anti- depressive effects.It also renewes your energy. Whatever makes you feel alive, go for it. Eat healthy. Make it a habit to consume a good diet that will help in building and nourishing your body.

Psychological self care-

Identify the things that matter to you the most. Invest your energy only in those things which are worth it. Prioritise your things, work on them accordingly. Spend time with people you love the most. Make decisions on where and when you spend your time and energy.

Emotional self care-

Change your mindset. Inculcate positive feelings of gratitude. Cherish your good memories and start appreciating the little things in life. Start meditating and performing yoga. Focus on your breathing. Adopt a gratitude way of life to start moving ahead with peace.

Social self care-

It is a common observation, that we tend to cut down communications at the times we need them the most. Maintain a healthy social life and talk when you need to. Letting your emotions out is a good way to tackle your problems. It could be a friend, a family member, or a therapist.

Professional self care-

We are the most affected from our work lives. It  is important that we maintain  a healthy sleep routine. Adults need 6-8 hours of sleep on a daily basis. Our body needs time to rest. Therefore it is essential that we improvise on our sleeping habits.

Spiritual self care-

Identify yourself, your needs and who you are. Realise that you cannot make everyone happy.

Key points to note-

Self care isn’t selfish. Find what motivates and inspires you and inculcate it in your life today. Don’t back out on yourself, and finally, enjoy your life and live the best of it.

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