Exercising in water? Read about aquatic therapy-

What is aquatic therapy?

Any activity or exercise performed in water to assist in recovery refers to aquatic or also as hydro therapy. It is a popular treatment for patients with neurologic and also musculoskeletal conditions which aids in muscle relaxation, improving joint motion and pain reduction.

Physical properties of water-


Buoyancy is the force which acts in the opposite direction to the force of gravity. In water an individual is therefore subjected to two opposing forces.

Hydrostatic pressure 

Pascal’s law states that fluid pressure is exerted equally on all surface areas of an immersed body at rest. Thus swelling will be reduced more easily if exercises are given well below the surface of the water.

Benefits and effects-

  • blood supply to the active muscles rises
  • the muscles temperature rises
  • The metabolism in the muscles increases. This effect therefore results in a greater demand for oxygen and produces high amount of carbon dioxide.
  • The range of joint of motion movement gets better
  • The muscle power increases.
  • Relieves muscle spasm
  • Promotes relaxation 
  • Helps To re-educate paralyzed muscles
  • encourages functional and also recreational activities.

Combining hydrotherapy with a alternate methods and techniques-

“Watsu Method”

This is a combination of Aquatic therapy and Shiatsu. it is based on stretching the body in the relaxing medium of warm water. It promotes relaxation and therefore provides a calming effect.

The “Halliwick Method”

This method takes a holistic approach. The method uses Aquatic therapy as a learning activity for all people, particularly those with either learning difficulties or those individuals with any physical difficulties. It thus helps Individuals to be confident. It also assists one to move independently.

The “Burdenko Method”

This method addresses all the 6 precepts of fitness: strength; flexibility; balance; co-ordination, endurance and speed. It is thus most commonly used for those individuals who need to recover from injury or any type of surgery.  

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