Increase oxygen level

Know how to increase oxygen level in the body?

Any organ of our body requires a lot of oxygen to function, which we get from our blood. But when there is a lack of oxygen in our blood, what to do to increase the oxygen level? This is harmful for our overall body health. But you might not know that you can increase your oxygen level by consuming certain foods.

Due to increasing pollution day by day, we are not getting pure oxygen due to which the level of oxygen in our body decreases. The risk of corona virus infection is also high for those who lack oxygen in their blood, they need to take special care of themselves. Apart from this, lack of oxygen also weakens your body’s immunity power, due to which the chances of many diseases are also high.

What to do to increase oxygen level?

You should include such things in your diet, which increases the body’s ability to fight against diseases. Include things that maintain a good amount of oxygen in the blood and increase the oxygen level in your body. Iron, copper, vitamin A, vitamin B2, vitamin B3, vitamin B5, vitamin B6, vitamin B9 and vitamin 12 are needed to maintain oxygen levels in your body.

Foods that increase the oxygen level :


Garlic helps to increase oxygen level
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Garlic is rich in medicinal properties and people use it daily in their food. It not only enhances the taste of vegetables, but it is also very beneficial for health. It has a good amount of oxygen, so the lack of oxygen in the blood can be easily overcome by its use.


basil leaves increases oxygen level
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If the decoction made from basil is consumed regularly, the effects of pollution can be reduced in the body. For this, boil 10 basil leaves, a little ginger, jaggery and two black pepper with a glass of water. When this water remains one fourth, filter it and drink it. This will increase your oxygen level.


sprouts increase oxygen level
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Let us tell you that sprouted grains have more nutrients than normal or raw grains. Eating sprouts strengthens your immune system. Apart from this, you can also eat gram, lentils and moong etc. to overcome the lack of oxygen in blood. These will maintain optimum levels of oxygen in your body.


carrots increase oxygen level
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Although carrots have a lot of health benefits, they contain vitamins A, C, potassium, iron and many minerals and vitamins. To overcome the lack of oxygen, you should consume carrots. Carrots can be consumed as a salad, juice or as a vegetable.

Iron rich foods

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Iron-rich foods can affect oxygen levels. There are certain foods that can help improve your oxygen levels in blood naturally. Iron-rich foods such as meats, poultry, fish, legumes and green leafy vegetables top the list, as they can correct iron deficiency in the body. which in turn improves blood oxygen levels.

Sweet potato

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Eating sweet potato gives you supplements like vitamin B complex, iron, vitamin C and phosphorus. Due to which the power to fight diseases increases. If you consume it in the right amount then the lack of oxygen in your body goes away.

How is blood oxygen level measured?

As such, there are two ways to measure oxygen levels in the blood. First you can measure it with the help of an pulse oximeter, which is a small device applied to the fingers. It shines light into the small blood vessels in your fingers and measures the level of oxygen in your blood. Another method of measuring blood oxygen levels is arterial blood gas (ABG). It is a blood test suggested by a doctor that not only measures the level of oxygen in your blood. It also detects the level of other gases in your blood.

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What should be normal blood oxygen?

Normal pulse oximeter readings should typically be between 95 and 100 percent. Hypoxemia can occur when blood oxygen levels are low. If it falls to or below 60 mmHg, patient may need an emergency aid. After which oxygen is given to the patient through an oxygen cylinder.

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