Basic first-aid: Know how you can help!


A lot of accidents occur every year with most of them being preventable. Understanding basic first-aid help to offer a helping hand in situations which need assistance.

The ABC of first-aid is as follows-


Examples of first-aid-

  1. Respiration- in cases where respiration is failing and a person does not have a breath of own give artificial respiration. This can be either done via mouth to mouth or mouth to nose. A CPR may be necessary at times.
  2. Bleeding- stop the bleeding by protecting the wound. Apply necessary pressure to do so. Cover with a dressing, elevate, apply a dressing and rest. Move to the ER if necessary and in cases where blood loss is too much.
  3. Fractures- immobilise the part. Apply bandages or support to either sides of the part and provide support, move to the ER.
  4. Burns– take the person off the source of burn. Cool the area with water. Remember to not use extreme cold water to prevent hypothermia. Do not apply anything on burns, consult as soon as possible. Encourage hydration with fluids. Use sterile cloth to cover
  5. Animal bites- wash the area nicely with water and soap. Provide basic medical first-aid and consult.
  6. Fainting- lay the patient down on the floor. Loosen all clothing. Turn head to one side. Encourage fluids only after recovery. Allow to sit up and move after a rest period
  7. General – in case where you are not aware of the necessary precautions to be taken, do not do anything. Take the person to the nearest help as soon as you can.

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